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Taylor Reid Creative Agency was founded on a simple idea. By taking the run-and-gun style of documentary filmmaking and applying it to advertising, it is possible to make beautiful work that tells important stories.


We are young, and we see that as an asset. We understand that a modern visual approach is necessary to cut through the noise in today's crowded market.


Having produced projects all over the world, often in remote locations like Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Chile, Myanmar, and Japan, we understand that story is key. 








PAUL REID // Co-Founder

As a videographer with over 10 years of experience, Paul picked up his first camera at the age of 7. After landing a contract with a leading skateboard brand at a young age, Paul quickly realized he could turn his passion into a career.

He started working with many athletes and grew to shoot action sports, which got him a job working at a Nationwide automotive television show, Motoring TV.

After graduating from Humber College in Television Production and Videography, Paul was sent around the world to shoot action sports and automotive content, which taught him how to work efficiently with minimal resources, and doing whatever it took to get the shot.

NICHOLAS TAYLOR, BA (Hons) //Co-Founder

Nicholas started directing music videos and working on documentary features while still in University. Since graduating, he has been sent all over the world (from Tanzania to Myanmar) to tell stories for brands and non-profit organizations. He has worked on a number of award-winning documentary feature films.

With a deep passion for CSR and international development, Nicholas consults with a variety of companies to help them better understand how to best leverage video and digital platforms to their benefit.

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Hans Schwarz // Account Director

Starting off working B2C sales Hans quickly developed a passion for capturing the interest of others and painting a compelling vision of his company and the value they could bring. Recently Hans has specialized working in the Tech Sector doing B2B sales, he is excited about how his efforts can benefit big businesses and small businesses alike, exploring unseen opportunities and giving strategic advice.  Whether spending the extra time to really discover a client's needs or coming up with creative ways to explain complex ideas, Hans balances patience and enthusiasm to help others understand the benefit he can bring. 




Air Canada - Reveal of the 737 MAX 8

Behind the scenes look at an Air Canada Air-To-Air shoot of their newest plane, the Boeing 737 MAX-8 shot with Wolfe Air.


Cultivating Hope

John started with an empty plot of land and a dream to build a school in Burkina Faso. Now formally known as The Gampela Centre, just a short drive from Ouagadougou.


The Quest to Conquer - Yamaha Branded Content Series

Follow Yamaha riders, Iain Hayden and Lee Butler as they embark on their inaugural attempt to conquer the Cain’s Quest challenge. 


Danny Green // Game Day

We get an inside look into the life of NBA player Danny Green from the Toronto Raptors as he prepares for game day against the Miami Heat.


Flying in Collingwood

Join us in the cockpit for a scenic flight over Georgian Bay and Blue Mountain.

School in Africa - Burkina Faso

Take a look as kids play, sing and dance in a school in Burkina Faso, Africa.




UHN - Toronto Rehab Foundation

"We've worked with Taylor Reid on multiple different projects such as event coverage, branded content and digital advertising. Everything was delivered on time and they exceeded our expectations every time. "

-Brady Henderson, Marketing Director, Toronto Rehab Foundation

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